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Guess who's back back again

Well I haven't been here in probably over a year mostly due to moving from Orange county California to Kansas City Missouri I have three kids now. The 6-5 suburban was a glorious nasty beast she pull 14000 lb in a 24-foot long 28 overall length box trailer. From la Mirada California to Blue Springs Missouri. We had an overheating issue in the El cajon pass caused by a****** drivers not the engine. That pass is incredibly steep and hard pull with half the weight I had some guy cut me off going half the speed I was I went from 70 to 35 in the middle of a 7% grade and she just couldn't correct I was in the fast lane going 35 miles an hour full throttle. Pulled over let her cool down there's some more water in it continue to haul. That was 2018 now 2 years later I was driving through some bad flooded areas on highway 40 running late to work didn't have time to go back around to get to interstate 70. So I drove to the flood area water up over the wheels I went through it for about 2 to 3 miles when I finally made it to the 435 on ramp full throttle getting up to speed belt screaming like hell because of all the water at about 3500 RPM the belt went from sleeping like crazy to solid grab and snap the crankshaft pulley off the front of the crank. Have tried everything to get the bolt out I now have an easy out broke off inside my crank. .... And the crankshaft threads are trashed so I'm out at the bare minimum a Crankshaft 😭😭😭 she sits on the side of the house with pretty wheels and tires making me sooo sad..... I am reduced to the wife's 200k mile Prius with crash damage........

1994 K2500 suburban 4x4 6.5 "the tug boat"
Pmd cooler &relocation to bumper, Diamond eye 4" exhaust, heath max e torque chip, Heath turbo master, Air pump delete Heath high flow water pump, updated fan hub clutch, durumax cooling fan upgrade, thermostat upgrade, New hydroboost unit can now brake & turn same time
Hx35II turbo, Carter lift pump, Leroy diesel lift pump upgrade wiring harness priming switch and fittings, feed the beast mod, marine intake peninsular diesel, ARP head studs, Victor reinz head gaskets, pmd #5 resistor down from #9 thanks to Kris Stratton..... More repairs on the daily...
EVERY THREAD!!!! Needs pics.
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