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low pressure side mods

So i'd like some input and some recommendations.. Im a huge supporter of LeroyDiesel and Quadstar, i have a lot of respect for any body honestly whom is trying to keep a market for parts available for these old trucks.. however, as a full time technician and part time sixfiveguy i do things my own way lol

On my '96, im leaking a small amount of air somewhere i want to believe. After getting it on the road, almost 3k miles it hasnt missed a lick, however today, out of the blue after about a 5 miles drive, i thought she was going to leave me stranded after a stall. After jumping the LP and purging air from the FFM, it fired back up and went 110 miles home, started and stopped a few times, for a rest and has been fine.. still is fine

Not really here to discuss the million things that will cause this with a 6.5 cause ive been there done that lol- im here to ask THIS QUESTION:

im ditching the stock LP, tank sock, and FFM. I want to run something similar to the 'FTB' mod, mount a nice Racor unit probably on the front accessory bracket where what i want to believe a second alternator would go (i will fab a bracket), setup a LP pre-filter that is a canister style, and buy a decent LP.

What Racor setup would someone recommend? I want to have a schrader valve for bleeding, and preferable dual outputs. Also, what filter and micron rating? I would say a 20 micron behind the LP and 10 at the engine would suffice?

Also, i dont particularly want to route back under the intake with my feed to the IP, so i want to purchase the FTB kit from leroy but all i really need is the fitting to replace the 1/4 barb in the IP..


is there a source or part number for the o-ring under the fuel shut off solenoid?

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