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Originally Posted by dannhepannhe View Post
Originally Posted by OkDually View Post
If you use an aftermarket part you will get a false reading.
You must use the AC/Delco brand part
It was the same as the old one at the gauge. 2 ops and 1 external shows low pressure so i guess it really is low
pressure in the engine....
Time for a rebuild. But if it's a beater and no long term hopes, put 50 weight oil in it to boost pressure. Valves might starve for oil during startup, and maybe oil lines (Achilles heel with 6.5) will be under more stress, but if it's a rusted out, beat up rig you just need to run sometimes on the farm or similar situation, heavy oil. Or pull it and get check book ready, it's not cheap like rebuilding a 350 sbc
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