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Originally Posted by Kennedy View Post
I'm going to boil this down into one liners:

The lawsuit will go nowhere.

The stories you hear about CP4 failures and associated costs are mostly true.

Most failures are attributed to poor fuel quality be it air, dirt, water, lack of lubricity or a combination of these.

The frequency of failure is in reality quite low and you can reduce them even further by improving fuel quality and supply issues.

Improving the fuel system is every bit as necessary, stock, modified, CP4 or CP3 so do it now or do it later it needs to be done.

A pre-emptive CP3 conversion pushes close to 50% of the cost of fixing a down truck.

Low frequency of failure, high cost of pre-emptive makes it a poor investment in my opinion.

thanks. the lift pump was a first thought, but then i'm at risk for them to deny any kind of warranty claim...I've been around modified trucks for every truck I've had; this LML is the first bone stock one, haven't touched a thing. new trucks are expensive and I bought the extended warranty for extra protection; the last thing i'd wanna do is make any kind of alterations that may void it.
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