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need help please po101 reduced power

i have a 2007 chevy silverado 6.6 and has engine code po101 for maf sensor and is in reduced power mode cannot drive it. i have replaced maf sensor with a ACdelco sensor,new dry air filter,egr valve cause a friend recommended and checked air filter tube for any leaks none found.generic scanner readings.calc load 19.6% ECT 126f,MAP 26(inHg),rpm714,IAT68(f),MAF 7.14(lb/min),FUELPRES4691(psi),comEGR 0,egr error 0,fuel level 59.2%,BARO29(inHg),ECUvolts 14.8,Ambient 61(f).any help or ideas would be greatly apreciated thank you

2007 chevy silverado 6.6 LBZ

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