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Need duramax suburban transfer case help

Hi guys, I did a duramax lb7 swap and am having an issue with the transfer case. I am hoping someone out there knows the correct fix. Donor truck was 2002 lb7 5 speed ally with floor shift transfer case, i removed that and attached a used 2003 transfer case NP1 from another lb7 truck. I then put this combo in a 2001 suburban 2500 that had an np8. I put cardone 7342104 tccm in and 3 button switch and a tc shift motor from 02 duramax that has 6 and 2 plug. I removed the orange and tan wires from the 4 pin plug on the suburban so ended up with a 6 and 2 pin plug that matched the shift motor. I am getting c0323 and when i turn the key on the switch flashes in 4hi and i put trans in neutral and it clicks around a few times then all lights on switch go off and it seems to be in 4hi without the front diff lock engaged. (Front and rear driveshafts spin with all wheels off the ground). Is this a wiring issue? Part compatibility issue? Or is the shift sequence on the 03 transfer case different from 02 preventing the simple swap of the shift motors?
Any help is much appreciated!

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