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How I fixed my TCM failure Thank you John Kennedy

Well it was my turn to have a TCM failure. I had all of the classic symptoms listed on the threads here. On my way limping it home, I stopped by an Oriellys to have the codes read,,,, He said many codes, and they all state "lost communication with TCM., And that I needed to take it to a dealer"

I went home and read everything here. It appearss that dealership cost is 1000.00 plus.
I found the part online for 300.00 or so, but not programed...That would mean a trip to the dealer and getting bent over anyways.
I detest dealers. They hold all of the power. It is not a fair situation trying to deal with them.
Then I found a link to Kennedy Diesel and their replacement preprogramed to my VIN replacement TCM, for 460.00. I had dealt with him in the past, and it went well, so I decided to give him a sale again.
I ordered it Late Tuesday after he was closed. It arrive Friday afternoon. I thought that was great time from Wisconsion to Arizona. My truck would no longer even move. Had to push it out of the garge to work on it. 20 minutes later, I was driving it. The CEL was still on, and there were some funky shifts, but they were getting better rapidly as I drove it. I put it back in the garage with the CEL still on. Sat. morning I drove it to work. The CEL was off, and it had one funky shift, then it was perfect!

I gotta commend John Kennedy for his seeing a need, and providing the part at a much more reasonable price..... And for his speedy delivery of the part.

VERY WELL done! Thank you John, and I highly recommend your business.

I got my truck fixed and did not have to go to a dealer! That is awesome.

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