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Trans issue?

Damn.... taking my corn and stuff to my hunting land and this motorcycle gets in front of me and almost stops. I hear a clunk and service brake system shows up, and CEL. I stop the struck and check the codes P500 and 700. Wont get out of first gear now. AAA is on the way but am I looking for a new tranny?? I cleared the codes with a CTS but its still show up. I was only going about 10 mph when it happened and wasnt hammering down on it. Truck has 221k miles on it, duramax tuner trans safe tunes

2005 LLY
-Jamo 4" aluminized exhaust, no muffler
-S&B Turbo Mouthpiece
-Edge Dash Pod
-Edge EAS EGT Probe
-MBRP Down Pipe
-Air Dog II 165 4G
-PPE Ported Fuel Rail Fitting(s)
-PPE Race Fuel Valve
-EFI DSP5 Tuning(Duramax Tuner)
-EFI Trans Tuning
-Deviant Race Parts 5/8 Tranny lines
-Deviant Race Parts EGR Delete
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