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Ballin on a Budget

Has anyone ever heard of that off brand parts maker called Exciting Racing? I'm a little embarrassed even considering it but I saw they have the most inexpensive Y bridge kit for my LMM. I cant find reviews or anything useful on them other than whatever generic description dude put in the ebay ad. I also am finally doing a full egr delete because I found the egr was full of oil and it's getting sucked down the into the stock y bridge. Not just normal soot, there's a ton of that chit mixed with lots of oil. My performance took a **** also. If anyone good help me out with that I know there's a lot to unpack in this one. Btw, I'm almost 100% it's not a head gasket and I'm not getting any dtcs. I dont have a ton of money rn but I need my truck back on the road. Blocker plates not an option for me. Thanks in advance for any help.you can pass off my way.

GMC 3500 Crewcab LMM
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