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Tranny failing? Torque converter?

Hi all, hoping to get some info on my tranny symptoms.

1994 K1500
350,000 km
Stock for the most part
Tranny fluid level good
No tranny odor
Metal shavings on trans input speed sensor magnet when removed

Recent Work Done (tranny related):
Tranny flush + filter (2 yrs)
Trans input speed sensor (code 74)
New flex plate and starter
Wastegate solenoid (no idea if intermittent loss of boost messes things up)

Regularly - lose torque converter lockup, no cruise, need to re-start vehicle and back to normal
Previously - torque converter locks, unlocks, locks, unlocks, etc. Solved (I think) by trans input speed sensor/WG solenoid
Previously - the first torque lockup of the day on the highway would sound like I'm going over highway rumble strips for 2-3 seconds (the ones that wake you up)
Rarely - hard shift 1-2, vehicle needs re-start and shifts OK
Rarely - vehicle chatters/shutters when taking off from a stop (high heat)

I hope this is clear. Lots of things going on, tough to explain over the internet but let me know if you guys have any insight.

94 K1500 L56 Z71 extended cab short box
NEW: heads, pmd, injectors, fuel hoses, fluids, filters, CDR
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