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Dexos 2 ???

So total confusion here: 2019 2.8 Duramax oil change. Specifies that it ONLY uses Dexos 2 certified oil. For clarity, this is a blue label that has a swirly label with a small '2' followed by the word "Dexos.

I've found Dexos 1 (gen 2). This is a green label. The green Dexos 1 is listed for use in gas engines.

Basically, all the auto supplies I've been to this evening have no clue as to what Dexos 2 is or if any of the Dexos 1 gen 2's are compatible. I found a list on the internet and found some of the compatible oils on the list, but am wary of putting oil labeled"for gasoline engines" into my diesel. Will try to find an open Chevy parts place tomorrow morning but in the meantime - does anyone have a clue about this stuff?

I'm sitting here with a truck with no oil in it. Only figured out that I may have the wrong stuff as I was pouring the new oil in and realized that what I thought was a '2' was actually the stylized logo.


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