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Engine Buzz After Shutoff

I recently did the EFI Live 5 tunes and egr block to my 2006 LLY/LBZ with a zf6 Transmission and now I've got a small issue. I've read all the posts I could find on this but they all seem to be 9 to 12 years old so I'm looking for maybe a new idea or a definite cause and fix for this. Here it is...

After I drive for a bit, 10 min or more, when I turn my truck off there's a humming under the hood for about 28 seconds, then a click, and at 35 seconds changes to a loud buzz for another 6 seconds or so. It does this on any tune I set it to with or without the TB activated in the tune. I can shut the engine off immediately or let it idle a bit before I shut it off and either way it buzzes.

Is this a reaction to the tunes or something else? Will it hurt the truck or not? Is there a cause and/or fix for it? Just looking for some updated information to go on.

Here's a link to a short vid of it.

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