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Fuel Supply and Fuel Filter Housing

The fuel filter housing is on the suction side (there is not a supply pump from the factory) and are prone to suck air. Follow the GM fuel system diagnosis in the service manual.

1) Install fuel vacuum test tool.
2) Prime the fuel system with the hand primer until 10 PSI is indicated on the gauge, check for external leaks and repair. If the pressure drops from 10 PSI to 2 PSI in less than 1 minute, remove the fuel outlet line from the filter and cap it. Remove the ignition 1 relay and crank the engine for 2 Ė 15 second intervals, the high pressure pump should pull at least 12 inches of Hg vacuum. If air gets into the system it will cause a false/low reading.
3) Install clear hoses at the inlet and outlet of the fuel filter housing. Re-prime the system and then start the engine, there should be very little air going into or coming out of the fuel filter housing.
4) Common air ingestion places are the filter housing, plugged filter, drain valve, rubber hoses and connections. You need to use clear lines to isolate where the air is coming from and work your way back toward the tank until you donít have any more air coming through the clear line. Unless you know where to get the tool that sees through black rubber lines to find air, your only other option is to bounce around and replace parts.
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