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Originally Posted by 88blazer View Post
Thanks for the reply. I don't have the twin thermostat mods and I don't have an over heating issue either. In fact just the opposite. I can't seem to get enough heat out of my K5 during the Winter mos. But that's a whole different thread. I replace the w pump 3 yrs ago . The engine is a '91 so I ordered a pump for a '91. When I got it it had a bolt pattern different to the one on the engine. So, I went back and got one for an '84. That one fit. The felpro engine gasket kit I have has 2 different gaskets . I have since gotten a timing cover gasket kit ( for other work that needed to be done) and it also has 2 different gaskets.
I want to order a new pump from Rock Auto but there are at least 3 different Delco part numbers between an '84 and '91. For a '91 their listing says there's 2 different pumps and to verify which one I need . Unfortunately they don't say how.
I just want to get the right one ahead of time.

Ya the reason is there is V belt used in real 1 tons, Blazers and Suburbans till 91 annnd serpentine belt used in the 1/2T, 3/4T and low spec 1 T all on the GMT 400 chassis from 88 on up .... and throw in 2 different power steering pumps ... now you see the issue...

Originally Posted by legendman View Post
What thermostat are you using? It might be opening too soon,
get a stant if you can.

Yes, get a Geni GM or Stant stat and you may change it in 7-8 years...

As for dual stat's, most just find them a PITA cause 1 will fail and can cook one side of the engine while the temp gauge doesn't move cause it's on the other side of the block ...

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it would be nice if it could deflect a deer or a prius...
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Mine ate about 6ft of paper towel once. It idled funny for a minute, then let out one big black firey fart and smoothed right out.
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