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Originally Posted by paddy1998 View Post
When you need more room underneath and you don't like jack stands.

That is cool

Originally Posted by Bigboytoys View Post
Or ....

This is one reason I went with a lifted K20, plenty of room under there without having to get jacks out.

But those thing Paddy posted would be handy to work under my TDI's
But they are about $260 a pair from what I could find on the net.

Heck I'd love to have a piece of concrete to work on never mind a garage.
It beats rolling around on pieces of card board in the dirt.
Originally Posted by Diaric View Post
What your saying happened, should never be able to happen.
Originally Posted by smackzed View Post
I put a chevrolet tailgate on my last truck and it started acting like a girl...love me, need me, want me pay attention to me. Took it off and put the GMC back on (fixed the latch) and it went back to being the same old dirty bastard it used to be
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