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Bad injector causing limp mode?

04 2500 4X4 lly 300,000 mi.
Sets codes p0201,204,206,207,& 2146. Just one or any combo of the four. Clear codes restart & instantly sets a code(s) or drives fine from 5 to 500 mi.
The #2 & #7 harness update done, no harness chafe problem. All plugs ice picked. Still goes limp. Balance rates are good except #7 starts at -5.5 & will slowly go up to -6.2. Does that indicate a bad injector or something else? And can that cause the limp mode. Or is a bad ecu, ficm ? Cracked solder joints? Please help!

2004.5 GMC 2500hd lly, 4X4
303,000 mi.

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