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Originally Posted by davester View Post
From what I can tell, they are both the same (maybe slightly different diameter, I forget the measurements), a metal tube welded to the frame, a rubber bushing that seemed to be bonded to it, with a metal sleeve for the bolts to the bracket.

If you do want another one, I found an easy way to get them out is to use a drill with a small bit (1/4", long enough to go through). Aim it right at the outside edge of the bushing, right up against the metal tube, drill slowly to get the drill all the way through, then keep the drill going slowly and let the rubber grab the drill bit, and it'll work it's way around the bushing right next to the metal tube. That free's the bushing, pull the drill out, and hammer the bushing out (doesn't need much effort as it's free of the tube.
The front one that I removed, I just put a piece of PVC pipe on the inside of the frame and a large C-clamp onto the bushing and it pushed into the PVC pipe with very little effort. I tried the same thing with the back one, but it seemed to have a metal sleeve between the frame sleeve and the rubber, so I suspect it is rusted in there, and I didnt want to risk mangling it. I will just wait until after blasting and put the front one back in and call it good. Not really anywhere for them to go and they seemed tight enough. I could probably do something with a standard poly bushing, but I dont know how much extra vibration that would transmit into the cab.
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