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Warped rotors

Today I was going to replace the front rotors and pads. Being cursed with abundant curiosity and frugality combined with a tool fetish, I picked up a dial indicator.

So I took off the tires. but two lug nuts back on and lightly snugged them up. Installed my new toy, and found the right to be 5 lines (I assume to be .001 inch per line, but no owner manual so I don't know) of movement, the left was better 2-3 lines of movement.

Doesn't seem to be warped to me.

I have a steering wheel shake when braking, just had dealership replace lower ball joint, idler arm (both pieces), pitman arm, and steering sector. Pretty certain if any tie rod ends were bad they would have sold me that too. I have pushed and pulled on the tie rod ends and can't see an issue. Mr. Google said warped rotors, but with parts on the bench and seeing these numbers I am wondering if I am throwing money away.

Will someone weigh in on whether the .005 is serious warp or am I missing something. Thanks

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