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I have a 1994 6.5l Extended Cab Pickup truck that originally had a large (and heavy) deluxe camper mounted on it. I used the truck and camper to pick up and deliver rescue dogs all over the south and Midwest.
We removed the heavy camper and replaced it with an ancient (like me) Palomino pop-up camper to conserve weight as the truck has been having severe power issues on anything resembling an incline. That helped until the day I got some dirty fuel which required replacing the air filter, fuel filter, and the fuel pump. Afterwards, there was temporarily awesome power like when we first bought the truck used 15 years ago from the original owner. Unfortunately, the fix didn't last...
Now the engine runs rough again and sometimes does not want to start again when warm. I have a "Service Engine Soon" light that comes on with highway travel. The truck is running rough but still has enough power for hills at 50mph rather than the 35mph of the past.
I live in rural Kansas, I'm retired, and I'm deaf. I need my truck to be reliable. Can anyone suggest anyone who can afford ably help?

1994 6.5l Extended Cab
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