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Rattle is still driving me nuts. That wasn’t the solution. Also removed the turbo heat shield to see if that was the problem. No. Rattle is not as consistent now as it was when I first got it after the transmission rebuild. Have driven it about 550 miles. It’s a kind of rattly hollow rubbing/hitting sound like a spinning piece is loose and sometimes contacting another surface. Stethoscope on turbo doesn’t reveal and similar sound coming from there. Doesn’t make it upon startup. Usually starts rattling intermittently after driving a mile or two and making a sharp turn. Pretty uniformly it happens and gets slightly louder when braking for a stop. Only slightly detectable at hot idle. Wouldn’t be noticeable as a problem unless you already knew it was louder under certain circumstances. Hate to head home across country towing my boat without figuring out what’s going on.
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