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Open for suggestions...

Before my truck would start run for a minute or 2 and die. Would not restart for a few minutes or a few days. New lift pump, 7.9 psi at the IP, 1 used known good PMD, 1 new known good and a new untested. No change. Next step installed new rebuilt IP, thinking the previous rebuilt IP had issues. Now with the new rebuilt IP, it will only idle with high idle kicked on, white smoke (more of a heavy haze) out exhaust and lots of dark gray smoke if accelerated. If allowed to return to normal idle, immediately shuts down. Return line changed incase it was restricted. Fuel sock in tank clear, good volume/pressure at pump and will siphon freely when disconnected from rear of lift pump. Injectors maybe? They are not from a very reputable place I found out after ordering them. With the 1st rebuilt pump it ran for about 200 miles before it started the run for a minute then die.

1994 Chevrolet C3500 Crew Cab Dually, Automatic, 2004 AM General 6.5 TD, AT Turbo, Kojo chip, 4" exhaust w/modified crossover, remote bumper mounted PMD, 189k on truck, OPS bypass for lift pump, upgraded cooling fan and clutch, remote fuel filter.
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