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My owners manual says I have a 5.3 gallon tank, when the DIC comes on it says somewhere around 24% then I add 2.5 gallons. One would think if my math is correct I would have 3/4 full tank, (75%). I have been doing this for several years and had no problems. This last time it said 24% and I added 2.5 gallons, no change still at 24%, so I added another 2.5 gallons, for a total of 5 gallons! The DIC still said 24%. I was originally almost completely empty and the truck was running fine. Oh, and the warranty only covers if they have to replace parts, not to re-set the computer so that cost $140. I have no faith in this system and will have to monitor it closely.

2015 2500 HD Silverado LTZ 4X4
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