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Banks Turbo Rebuild?

The one thing on my truck that I haven't replaced or repaired is the Banks Turbo. I just went on a 700 miles round trip and about 200 miles in, the turbo started whining if there was any boost. If you are familiar with the Banks set up, you know they are pretty quiet so this had me worried.

My first thought was maybe it wasn't getting oil so I disconnected the feed line and started the motor which quickly shot oil about 20 feet across the gas station so oil pressure wasn't my problem.

So, I babied it the rest of the trip (which is a lot of fun when you are climbing over a 7500 foot pass through the Sierras) and I am back home now. I figure the turbo needs to rebuilt. The first thing I find is that Banks doesn't seem to sell rebuild kits so I started investigating. As far as I can tell, it is a Mitsubishi T04B turbo and there are tons of rebuild kits available on Ebay (https://www.ebay.com/i/183730493390?chn=ps).

My question is, has anyone rebuilt one of these? Anything I should be looking our for?


82 GMC K1500 6.2l

Banks Sidewinder Turbo
TH400 Transmission
Rebuilt 10 Bolt 3.42 Diffs
Electric Lift Pump relocated to the frame
Manual Glow Plug Set up

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