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New to me LML 2016 Silverado.

Hello again. Long story short. I totalled my '05 LLY, bought an '06 LBZ but didn't like it. So I just traded the '06 for a '16 LML. I have a few parts from my 06 that I was going to modify to work on the 16. But I have a few questions to ask first.
1. The 2 sensors in the OEM intake are the M.A.F. and the other is what? It's rectangle in shape.
2. Got the Airaid cold air intake from the 06 to fit damn near perfect in the 16, but the MAF won't fit and I'd have to modify the "filter check" hole to accept the other sensor. Would this work as long as the holes are perfect size? I'd hate to waste a $400+ cold air intake.
3. I have the 3 or 4 bolt flanged downpipe. If I replace it with a big-band downpipe, could I use my 5" Magnaflow exhaust from the 06 if I cut and weld the hangars to where I need them?
4. Last one. I'd like to delete the DPF, DEF and EGR, is there a "handheld tuner" like my PPE that I can just put the tune I want in and the "deletes" are tuned out?

Thanks for all your help guys, I love this place, haven't been on in a while. I'll post some pics in the LLY section of my truck when the accident happened.

05, CCSB, 4wd, 143K miles now, bought in Dec 2012 with 100K miles, second owner, truck bone stock. All mods done by me... Aftermarket torsion keys, 285/70/17 BFG AT's, 3" Magnaflow turbo downpipe, 5" Magnaflow exhaust with 5" tip, LBZ mouthpiece no res box, Airaid intake for LBZ, Edge CS programmer and PPE Xcelerator tuner on #2 tune, Sinister Diesel EGR delete, HID's both hi & low beam with "hi 4" mod, aftermarket bumper lights with 6000K LED bulbs, clear matching headlights and blinkers. Moved factory 7 pin round trailer harness into bumper, LED interior lights, 2 10" su s in custom box behind back seat, bumper cover valance and all handles painted to match, billet grill inserts and reflective white bowtie. 2 9" LED bars in the bumper holes.
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