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Sorry about the upside down pics... my father took those. ... nuff said.

I'm going to upload in the order they were taken. I have many more but I'm choosing the best pictures for upload. I like the pics my father took even tho they are upside down. You can turn them upright by looking at them in the proper manner

I was going to have annotations for the pics but I have so many now I've forgotten alot of it. I'll do my best to remember. Playing catch up on my post here.

Nothing too terribly interesting has happened in the past? Day or two. I forgot how the days blur together on the road like this! Besides, I'm currently rolling through my home turf so... to me it's the same ole same ole...

We went from the Club Car Facility in Appling, GA to a Kimberly Clark Distribution Center in Augusta, GA to pick up paper towels and toilet paper to deliever to a Publix Distribution Center in McCalla, AL.

I swore up and down over 12 years ago I'd NEVER look at a Kimberly Clark Building EVER again! Looks like I was wrong. When I started driving several years ago I ran dedicated runs for Werner (Weeeeener... yea I'm not fond of Werner, or most other large carriers for that matter) I ran dedicated for KC and Home Depot for a long while. These big carriers will run you into the ground without a care in the world. Those companies that have the logos and slogans that say "our best resource is in the driver seat"... those are the worst. Nothing but lies.

I digress.

We're headed to a place called Peach Automotive in Clanton, AL. From the looks of it they sell Mahindra Tractors. Thats cool. Going to take us to Lavonia, GA and after that were headed to somewhere in South Carolina that is going to take us to Shepherdsville, KY.

... never know where we're going...

Picture Annotations
#1 Going up into WV.
#2 Comming up on a cool bridge crossing the Ohio River.
#3 The Ohio River.
#4 Capitol Building in ? Dunno... under construction or remodel.
#5 I have no clue...

Next few posts will be nothing but picture uploads to catch up on that... so the pics will match the posts.

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94 2Dr Blazer 6.5L
AMG506 Optimizer Block
Peninsular Forged Rotating Assembly
18:1, soon to be 16:1
Arp Head / Main Studs / Girdles

I'll get back to this later...
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