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So today has been... interesting... at the least.

Our delivery from Cleveland, OH to Decatur, AL was to a 3M Chemical Facility here in Decatur.

First off, I think I accidentally came up with something that most definitely started to spread like wildfire there. Now that I think of it... that saying has a different meaning for me today. You'll understand here in a moment.

I asked the doc master "How are you doing today sir"? His reply was "fantastic"! However I miss heard him and said... "Did you just pull a 3m joke on me and say fan-plastic"? He said "No but that's great"! Next thing I know I have an executive area manager talk to me about it. That's all I started to hear is "Fanplastic"! Bahahaha. Perfect. I guess if it turns into a thing hopefully I'll see royalties because that's what we were talking about! That'd be pretty nice...

Anyway... the fanplastic fun didn't last too long...

Gotta watch the safety videos before entering the facility. Same ole song and dance. Been there done that many times before. Typical and necessary for chemical facilities and such. Same at a place called Eastman in Kingsport, TN. At least the 3m safety orientation was 6 mins and not 30 like eastman. Boring and annoying but serves a purpose and I listen and soak it in. Most people dont.

Well as many times as I've been thru this... today had to be the day. The emergency alarms clearly sounded off! I heard the message. Sorta. Kinda muffled. But because I actually pay attention to the safety videos I knew the proper protocols to follow. They can infact save your life.

I quickly went to fetch my father from the bathroom. Priority numero el uno for me at that moment. Said "hey man, time to go!" He looked at me blankly. I knew he couldn't hear the alarm or message. I heard the alarm clear, but barely heard the message. My father can't hear all that well. I shuffled him on his way.

I took a quick leak myself, very quickly washed my hands and bolted back. I'm 140lbs. Good shape. I'm fast. No worries there. I had to go... what can I say? Since I was already there I quickly went and caught back up to my priority. My father.

To make a long dialog short I met up with the same executive manager I spoke with before as per protocol. I asked what was going on. Apparently they were evacuating two buildings adjacent to our location.

His face looked extremely concerned. "This was NOT good..." I thought to myself.

He told me that I may need to follow protocol for facility evacuation. Possible exposure.

Fortunately he let us drive away. The windage was right for it. Wind was blowing in the other direction. For that I'm thankful. I didn't want to be anywhere near that place by that time. We did the boot scoot boogie on out of that place just as soon as we got the go ahead.

On down the road we went. I hope everyone in the other direction is ok. I hope everyone at the facility is ok.

I'm glad were away from there. Not a good feeling to have. 1st time I've experienced something of that nature.

Today... I feel rather lucky. I don't know what spilled... how much of it or if it even was in fact a spill. I really don't know the extent to which it became. We didn't exactly stick around to find out. I know what I was told... "chemical spill"... "exposure"...

Lucky. Word of the day. I feel lucky.


With 3M far in our rear view mirrors... were picking up ?golf carts? from some place in Stevenson, AL and it drops in Appling, GA just outside of Augusta tomorrow.

Good times. Interesting at the least....
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I'll get back to this later...
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