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JNLPerformance's "Across Diesel Country"

So some of you are already aware and some of you aren't. So I'll get right to it.

A few years back, long after I had basically retired from over the road truck driving; I had suggested to my parents that otr driving would be a great retirement option for them. They love it.

Thing is, my older brother had a surprise not too long ago. Him and his wife wanted another child next to my nephew. Well... they got a double dose of reality. Twins. SURPRISE!!

So while my mother plays grandma over the next 3 or 4 weeks, I'm back on the road helping my father out.

I'm currently at the end of the 1st week. I've had a great time driving. Enjoying spending time with my father as well. Part of me has missed driving. Alot has changed. Alot has stayed the same too; particularly the other drivers unhealthy habits and attitudes. It's pretty easy to shrug that off. Gonna try really hard to get my father eating a bit healthier over the next few weeks. Boycott McDonald's folks. It's not good for you... at all!

I digress.

So my trip started out from home in Conyers, Georgia. Not where I claim as being raised, but currently where Megan (my wife) and I reside.

We headed out from there towards Jonesville, SC to a Dollar General Distribution Center.

From there the following day we picked up in Orangeburg, SC at a Husqvarna manufacturing facility to drop that load off in Warren, OH.

After that we picked up a load in Cleveland, OH that drops off tomorrow in Decatur, AL.

Currently sitting at a small Mom 'n Pop truck stop called "The Tennessean Truck Stop" off I-65. Good food. Clean. I like it here.

They have an old ? 40s era Chevy pickup truck out front. Practically in pristine condition! I said to myself: "What a terrible use of a perfectly good truck! What. A. Shame". I went inside to see if I could buy it. No go. Oh well.

On the way down here, I passed the national Corvette museum in Blowing Green, KY. Where they had the sinkhole eat several high value vettes' happen some years back. I made a huge mistake. Major fail. Didn't get a picture in time! I tried but it was too late. It had already passed us by.

Anyway... I'll keep on posting daily. This is not a closed post. Replies are very welcome! As per the norm please keep it clean and cordial!

Meet and greets are fine too! I always like to meet our fellow members!

Cheers to all!

Next stop: Decatur, AL sometime in the morning. Cst.

Oh, and I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

Edit: Having some issues posting my pics. As soon as its resolved I'll be posting away!

94 2Dr Blazer 6.5L
AMG506 Optimizer Block
Peninsular Forged Rotating Assembly
18:1, soon to be 16:1
Arp Head / Main Studs / Girdles

I'll get back to this later...
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