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Thanks. Cut and weld was my first thought. Then, searching and reading about how others have handled the problem, I didn't find anything. Which surprised me given the common inexpensive and popular small turbo, I would have expected to see it at least come up.

Then in the searching I started running across the spring conversion, including the one here on the 6.5. Seemed to be pretty positive, but that's a 6.5, made for turbo. And I wasn't sure the 6.2 would be happy like that. Just intuitively, it seemed better to have it boost referenced. But that would certainly be by far the easiest option.

And that's my quandary. I'm prone to "analysis paralysis" on stuff like this, and can't find enough to read to come to a conclusion. So, I can go either way. I have the skills, equipment, and budget to relocate and add a boost referenced wastegate, but have a reasonable preference for easy/cheap/done. I just don't know enough to make the call. And doesn't help that I now have 2 obviously experienced/knowledgeable members with different answers. Maybe one is no better than the other?

For reference, my goals are:
1) Longevity of the motor
2) Fuel mileage
3) Responsiveness and ability to hold speed in the mountains.
3.a) Relatively heavy camping (etc) load in 85 Sub, but no towing.

So, is it worth it to relocate and pay for an adjustable boost referenced waste gate? What would that gain me? Am I imagining a possible benefit that simply doesn't exist? Or, as long as I run a boost gauge (will have a full complement of gauges) and keep boost max to around 8 psi, is the spring just fine for my goals?
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