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thank you for the replies.

Originally Posted by jnlperformance View Post

Replace the roller chain set. The melling brand I tried recently is very nice. I like it alot more than the cloyes. Eeek 205k...

While your at it replace the front main seal (crankshaft seal) and thoroughly inspect the harmonic balancer and crank pulley. bad balancer can cause random missing... along with alot of other random bad things to happen... random bad things you DONT want to happen.

The harmonic balancer is original as far as I know (purchased at 102k) I think that is order now after reading this. I am not inclined to change the timing chain right now as I feel its early and the mechanic is only guessing as he did not take anything apart. Additionally, my spare vehicle was just in an accident so i need this one up as soon as possible.

So I am thinking doing the following:

Change pmd with spare

HB and pulley
remove optical filter if it has one (don't remember seeing one when I replaced pump)

if this does not do the trick I will replace optical sensor

thoughts ?
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