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Originally Posted by DieselPro View Post
The encoder is quite expensive so rebuilders often reuse this part.

Replace the roller chain set. The melling brand I tried recently is very nice. I like it alot more than the cloyes. Eeek 205k...

While your at it replace the front main seal (crankshaft seal) and thoroughly inspect the harmonic balancer and crank pulley. bad balancer can cause random missing... along with alot of other random bad things to happen... random bad things you DONT want to happen.

The rubber insert should be uniformly flush on the back side of the balancer. No missing chunks, no cracking (of the rubber) same goes for the crank pulley... theres a large rubber insert in the center. Check it for cracking and missing chunks. Also check to make sure its not completely dislodged. It shouldn't budge at all. With the engine off and belt removed, the crank pulley should have no wiggle, no play. Very firm. Crank pulley bolts are 20ft lbs, hb center bolt is 200ft lbs.

Under the timing cover;
Ip gear (3 bolts) 20ft lbs
Cam bolt 65/8?-120 something. Depends on year. Check stickies.

Removing timing cover;
Leave CPS in cover. Just unhook.
Remove power steering pump, but leave lines hooked to it. Use a few zip ties and hang it off to the side. Rest is pretty self explanatory I'd think....

... torque specs...

94 2dr blazer 6.5L

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