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1994 k3500. Should I get it?

Hello all, new member here. Just joined to see if anyone could give me some advice on buying this 6.5 td. The truck is a 1994 4wd crew cab, long bed dually. The frame is solid for being in New York for all its life that I know, and the cab isn't rotted out yet. The PO cared about this truck and knew what common problems were, as he relocated the injection pump module, replaced the water pump, replaced four glow plugs, and put a holset turbo on it. Now for the bad.. It has a broken flywheel and potentially starter, and I've heard the trans (auto) has something wrong which would make sense, as the flywheel and starter were replaced 6/18. He's currently asking 1500, but I don't think he knows about the trans (it's at a junkyard currently) so I think I could offer 1000 now and if the trans is actually good, offer the other 500 later as I know the owner of the jy personally. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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