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Another option might be a much shorter actuator mount. I've already got to modify the inner fender to make room for the 3" down pipe, so if I mount an adjustable wastegate actuator with short rod, it could stay on the side. I've seen some like this, but was operating under the *assumption* that it was offset that far to reduce heat exposure. But, since I see these short actuators, maybe that's not an issue. And I already need to switch wastegate control heads since I won't be running nearly the boost that the Cummins would take, so maybe that's a good option?

In doing some largely unproductive google searches, I've also seen that it's common to change out the pressure referenced actuator for a simple mechanical spring setup. I'm largely turbo illiterate, but that doesn't seem like nearly as good an option, particularly on a platform that will readily give me a huge FU if the boost gets over 10 psi or so (likely shooting for 8 psi). But, am I wrong? That would sure be a simple solution if so.

For what it's worth, I'm clearly not building a hot-rod diesel or I wouldn't be building a 6.2. What I want is just what I've heard described as a "healthy 454" responsiveness without the corresponding fuel consumption. But most important is to not become even more anemic when at higher altitudes. Maybe the spring would work well for that?

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