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Holset wastegate actuator, move 90*?

I'm slowly building up a new rig and decided to use a "Baby" H1C Holset on a Banks Sidewinder manifold. One of the things I liked about the Holset is being wastegated, as opposed to the Banks. One of the thing I don't like about the Holset is that the actuator hangs WAY out the side. Probably not a problem on the I6 it came off, but on the 6.2, the actuator head would be about 2" inside the wheel tub.

So, I want to move it from sticking out the side to sticking out the front under the cold side casting. I thought making a bracket to put it there was the biggest effort, but then when I removed the hot side casting plate I found out that the wastegate appears to be just a sloppy rod with no bearing/bushing and the port cap arm welded(?) onto the shaft.

I expected it to have serviceable bushings, and be able to remove it for replacement of said bushings, but no joy. I suppose bronze bushings would probably be worse than no bushing (cast iron bearing) in the sooty environment.

I would also think that relocating the wastegate actuator based on installation interferences would be a common requirement, so I'm a bit surprised that there is no option other than cut-n-weld in place fabrication. I suppose maybe that was just a cost saving issue for the Dodge application budgetary goals.

So, am I missing something? Or just not as straightforward as I expected.

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