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NV 4500 wont bolt up to your bell housing without an adapter. You can get them from Advance Adapters. The drive shaft will usually bolt up with an Adapter.
If you use a NV4500 bell you run into issues with adapting the clutch because it is on the passenger side. But it can be done. Advance makes adapters for that too.
The adapter is the way to go for simplicity. If you get an Adapter you will need the year of NV4500. So you get the right adapter. 92-95 4500 are different than 96+
Your 208 will bolt right up. It is the same as the NP 241 which is used on nv4500.
NV4500 Shifter is more forward than SM465. So the tranny hump will need to be modified.
Use a NV4500 out of a 4x4. Only use the special GM $yntorque fluid in 4500. Cant use regular gear lube.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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