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BNIB Newb. Need basic info - Exhaust/Turbo Brake

Hello all.

2nd RQUEST for some help...??
...or is this TOP SECRET Information...?

2006 LBZ - DSP5 - EFI Live tunes loaded by an AM dealer.

I was told at the time that the Turbo / Exhaust "brake" feature commonly found in Med Duty trucks was "turned" on. I think they were blowing smoke up my (_i_).

I've gone ahead and ordered a OBDII to USB cable....(at least I believe I need one.?) and I simply want to see if I can read (only) and see if indeed it is enacted.

I am aware of the std DIY whereby one can access ECM Connector C2 - add a pin to I believe, Pin 53 - to toggle switch - to Gnd. Also adding pin to PIN 11 to Gnd for illumination as to when said Brake is activated....But would rather not go through all the BS of that mod.

I figured I would come here first to see if there was a way to first find out if it was actually enabled via EFI..and if not, to learn how to do so. I do believe that I will need to know the version # of EFI used to flash my ECM so as to at least talk to my ECM...just not sure how to find that info.?

Pls be specific wth Clear instruction as to what I need or need not to do.
I'm Not a mind reader...lol..!

Cheers, &
Much thanx in advanz.

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