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Originally Posted by 57diesel View Post
Looks like some quality parts there. I have never seen one fail like that even when I was trying.

FWIW I didn't notice any performance difference going to Bosch plugs in my 5.7's.

Hard to believe it`s the plugs. I personally don`t know what to think. I`m too close to the situation to think anything but the worse.

This all started last december, I needed my truck, plugged it in for 5 or so hours, it was around 0 degrees, I never use the truck in the winter. Waited for the glow light to go off, started right up, after glow working fine, went in the house to let it warm up. Heard the cold idle circuit kick off, went out and the wait light was on!!! Truck was running fine, went got a load of firewood, unloaded and split the wood, turned the key to run, the wait light came on, then off in just a few seconds as it should, engine turned over too many times before starting. It always starts instantly. pulled 3 plugs that are easily accessible, all 3 dead but no bulging. Ordered new plugs and they all ruptured or bulged badly on first 4 to 5 second cycle. I installed a ford solenoid and momentary button before cycling. The only other thing I did was put stanadyne winter treatment in the tank because I had summer blend. I`ve drained the tank just in case
I`ve got a cigar box heaping full of old plugs from over the years, can`t get an 8G to do anything but die after about 15 seconds

I think since I have manual solenoid now I`m going to go 60G
scared to death of 8g`s now.like what was the last thing you ate before you got the flu? never eat it again

Did I over treat my fuel, bad batch of 8g`s (all8?)
wasn`t thinking of tearing down a 37 k engine for grins & giggles
Originally Posted by Bigboytoys View Post
Weeeellll a 6.2 and 5.7 have 3 things in common, you put oil in the pan, antifreeze in the block and it burns diesel
Originally Posted by Bigboytoys View Post
Dang it ... your making the quote wrong, 4 things 5.7's and 6.2's have in common, flex ring failures ....

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