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Originally Posted by BanksLB7Duramax View Post
From what I hear the L5P uses more DEF than that. They use quite a bit more than the LML.
My truck would indicated the 'quite a bit more' is a rumor started by those not correctly measuring consumption. (and those just wanting to hate on DEF)

Probably in part to the continuation of dealers not filling at delivery, complicated by adding to the tank, but not completely filling (so no way to know if it was filled to the same point as last time def was added).

Like the LML, the level 'indicator' isn't accurate enough for determining DEF mileage.

No doubt there will be some that have something wrong with them and will use an unusual amount -- just like happened with some of the LML's.

I guess this is a pointless discussion, unless we are provided with some sort of definition of 'quite a bit more'.
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