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Replacing RIGID Dually Lens's

I've had a set of 4" Rigid D series lights in my bumper since ~ 2013...after some 150,000 miles, the lens's had taken a bit of a beating - still bright but dull...

So, I called up Rigid, asked if they sold replacement lens's...."OH GOSH NO..!! You'll void your Lifetime Warranty. Send hem to us for an estimate and we'll do it for you".

UHuh....Living in Calgary, that likely woulda been a $ 30-40 Bill just to send, add their costing for their "warranty work" + Lens cost and I think I'd be looking at $100 USD on top of that. No thanx.

It's not freaking rocket science. Simply undo the 6 allen head bolts, remove Acrylic and replace. Now, I could not find the exact thickness, so went as close as I could yet still under.

RIGID - 0.114".
1sq ft of Lexan - 0.085. ($ 9.95 CAD)
The lights have a rubber gasket that sits such that it extends above the lens anyway and when ya compress the top Flange, it squeezes and seals nicely.

Pulled them off the truck, removed lens's - Cleaned Gaskets - cleaned the front flange that Seals it. Cant see any issue with what I did...other than voiding a warranty...yea.? What else is new...LOL

Took me 1 hour to do all 4.
Re-Installing in the AM.



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