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Long cranking time when engine hot

I'm getting an intermittent problem where the truck needs to crank longer than usual to start. Truck would usually start within 1 second of cranking, now it is taking up to 5 seconds of cranking.

Problem is more pronounced when engine is warm. I can drive the truck, shut it off for 10 seconds and then go to re-start and have the long cranking issue - but it does not happen all the time (don't you love intermittent problems).

90,000miles on truck, no chip/programmers. Fuel filter changed at last oil change. Batteries are about 4 years old, but I was ruling out the batteries because it starts after 5 seconds of cranking - a bad battery would not do this.

I'm starting to set up my OBD2 data logger to monitor FRP during crank. What does the rail pressure need to be start the truck?

I've seen the posts about the Fuel Filter Housing o-rings and rebuild. I'm leaning away from that as the problem is more pronounced when engine is warm, and less so when the engine is cold.

With no codes and the truck running great once its started, I'm not too sure where to start troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance!

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