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05 LLY Sleeper Build

----Fall 2014----
I purchased my 2005 LLY from the original owner in the fall of 2014 at 312k miles for a measly $5000. The truck is an extended cab short box that is leather/loaded with every option available including sunroof. The older gentleman I purchased it from was the area AmsOil rep and was very paranoid about maintenance intervals for all fluids and filters. Luckily it had an Airdog 2 165 installed by the previous owner and it also came with a Diablo Sport Predator with the 40hp tune installed.

With the truck coming from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan it had obvious rust but the rest of the truck is solid (frame, interior is in great shape etc).

Black Friday 2014 started off the modifications in the form of an exhaust, downpipe, egr delete, and EFILive from Idaho Rob. I drove it like this and sadly limped the trans in February of 2015. It got a built trans installed by Cole Ule at Blown Black Performance in Chili, WI that has held up fantastically to this day. Cole put in a GMax 5-3 with Mike L springs, Ratio-Tek pressure mods, and some misc trans-go parts along with a Suncoast 1058 converter.

----Summer 2015----
Fast forward to summer of 2015 and I ended up blowing a head gasket after 30k miles of beating it like it owed me money. To add icing to the cake it ended up sticking two injectors wide open. Instead of rebuilding that engine I went and picked up a complete long block from a junkyard with 160k miles complete from pan to cp3 to turbo. At this time I installed new ARP head studs, Exergy 60% over injectors, Exergy 10mm cp3, decked/had the heads gone through, and threw on a Danville 68mm Stage 2R 4094. I got the truck dynod in the summer of 2016 and did 671hp/1186tq.

The truck ran great through the fall and coming summer of 2016 with me repeatedly raising the rev-limiter stopping at 5000rpm. I made ~5-8 hooks the fall of 2016 after getting the truck together and another ~20 hooks the following summer of 2017.

At the end of 2017 I was backing my 30ft 5th wheel camper and 28ft boat into storage and noticed the truck was raw fuel smoking and surging in reverse/drive but only at idle. It didn't feel down on power on the drive home so I didn't think much of it. After checking the balance rates I pulled the injectors and sent them back to Exergy. While the injectors were out of warranty time wise they had only ~10k miles on them. They flow tested and balanced them and determined they were not the culprit. After a compression test I found 7 cylinders low on compression ranging from only 20-50psi low to cylinder 8 being 140psi low.

----Winter 2017----
During the winter of 2017-2018 I ended up putting together the build below-

1) CP-Carrillo Hybrid rotating assy (1/2# lighter per cyl, 0.202" longer rod, forged pistons at 16.5:1 w/0.100 reliefs)
2) SoCal 6480AF cam
3) Fluidampr
4) Suncoast billet flexplate (Black Friday FTW, $454.71 shipped)
5) ARP everywhere (main studs, re-used my 2000 series head studs, rocker shaft bolts, balancer bolt, flexplate bolts, etc)
6) SoCal pushrods
7) SoCal beehive springs
8) New GM oil cooler
9) New GM lifters
10) DHD high rpm water pump
11) Powder coated upper oil pan, front cover, valve covers, intake clams, coo

1) Goerend J 3000rpm stall converter
2) Eaton elocker front diff
3) 4"x0.083" driveshaft with 1480 joints

1) Exergy modded 250% overs
2) Exergy 14mm street pump
3) Old Airdog 2 165 with a 7.3L powerstroke spring all the way turned down.
4) -8AN feed into the CP3

1) Bullseye Batmo Gen 2 S475/87/1.00 T4
2) HSP S400 install kit
3) Mishimoto intercooler
4) Profab castflow manifolds and up-pipes

The truck did 820hp/1748tq with that setup on Duramax Tuner/Calibrated Power Solution's dyno at around 52-54psi of boost. On the streets of Mexico it sees 68-72psi after a tune revision with an updated timing curve. That is at 1550us and starting to drop rail due to weak supply pump. At the end of 2018 I ended up grenading the S475 at 72psi doing a highway pull against a Subaru STI thats known to be pretty quick in the area.

----Winter 2018----
Over the winter of 2018-2019 I have since added the following:
1) Second CP3 (stock LBZ)
2) Revamped the low-pressure fuel supply system with a Fuelab Prodidgy 41403 pump and regulator
3) Upgraded to a Forced Inductions Billet S480/96/1.10 T6 with V2 race cover in the valley
4) Full billet trans including a DEFEO billet 6 pinion P2 planetary

Current Rides:
1) Toy: 2005 LLY ECSB, Leather, Sunroof
-820hp/1748ft-lbs @ Duramax Tuner (6/25/18) - Old 475/87/1.00 setup
-Built Motor, Forced Inductions Billet ETR 480/96/1.10 T6, Modded Exergy 250% Injectors, Exergy 14mm Street Pump/LBZ CP3, Goerend J Converter, Billet Trans, Fuelab Supply Pump/Reg, RCD Sump, Front E-Locker, TrueTrac, Yukon 4340 Rear Shafts, Traction Bars, DHD Center Link Brace, DHD Lower Crossmember Support

2) DD/Tow Rig: 2002 LB7 CCSB, Leather, Loaded
-Bosch Reman Injectors, FASS 150, 3" Downpipe, 4" Downpipe Back, Beans Sump, PPE Sleeves, DHD Centerlink Brace, DHD Lower Crossmember Support, Steering Wheel Radio Control Swap
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