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The hitch on my boat has a place for a lockpin, I use a lock. This prevents the trailer from unhitching off the ball. Roads here in the Kootenays (BC) are beat to hell and I have been glad things are locked down when I hit a bad spot in the road like a pothole, uneven pavement, etc.

Definitely want to cross the chains, if the hitch does come off it should be suspended from hitting the road and making one hell of a sparky mess on the highway.

Also like to spray the electrical connectors (male/female) with silicone spray at the beginning of the season. Have some simple tools and spare bulbs in case you have one go on you. Talking to Johnny Law is no fun after boating, especially over a simple signal light that is not functioning.

Give yourself lots of time and patience when hauling a load. Braking and coming to a complete stop can be as much has 50-100 meters! (150'-300'). I have cursed many vehicles that abruptly cut in front of me hauling the boat. Dummies on their bicycles were almost "Sharing The Road" when they drive erratically side by side. Nothing against bicycles on the road, but they are better off on a trail in my humble opinion. Every year a few bicycles get launched into rocky ditches or down steep banks, even a few deaths. They also have to huff Ruby's Spicy Low Sulphur Exhaust. It's a one way trip for those diesel particles into the lungs.

Be defensive as possible and expect the unexpected! Scan ahead of you and look from side to side and concentrate on the road. Safe travels amigos!
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