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Originally Posted by johnH123 View Post
So just to verify, it is the stock computer in the factory location and the factory harnesses?

YES, correct.

I might add that I had old tranny rebuilt when I replaced engine last year. Before that, it mostly ran so that it would never kick-down into passing gear. One day, it started suddenly to have a passing gear. That would last until next trip then mysteriously disappear. It would come back from time to time. It behaved EXACTLY like it does now with new engine and rebuilt tranny. I did not like it then when it would happen because downshift was too sensitive.

Most of the time it would not kick-down (for long periods - weeks or months), and if I actually needed it, I could do it manually (4th to 3rd). With my new engine and rebuilt tranny, I initially had TPS set wrong, and it had no passing gear, and showed code 22. Now, I know it probably used to run for long periods with code 22 (which doesn't show a light). However, that also keeps TC unlocked, and it runs very hot (I thought the heat was normal back then). It runs much cooler now. I added a temp sensor on outlet line when I swapped.

BUT - it is still too sensitive for my liking. I actually think it is 100% normal - I just want to change it. I can actually "feel" when it's just about to downshift and let up slightly, but my son is completely lost when he tries to go above 70.
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