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2019 last orders in

Itís time.
Hey guys, finally looking at an upgrade from the LBZ.

The new 2020 HDís are scheduled to be in showrooms by the end of summer, anyone know the order cutoff date for the 19ís?
As in the last date you could order a truck and have it built before production is shut down for the summer break, 2020 line changeover.

06' EC/SB Blu Granite LBZ built- 5/17/06

PPE airbox mod w/stock filter, 4" downpipe back exh, trans go jr, Airdog 100,

Bilstiens, tie rod/pitman/idler supports, dodge 17x8 chrome 5 spokes with 275/70's, flares pulled, caddy mouldings, amsoil throughout.
6,660 lbs.

8/19/09 1/4 mi.
Stock tune- 15.02 @ 88mph, in 4hi.
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