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I am not really running at WOT all the time on level ground. No tach. I'd say though at least 7/8th throttle to cruise at 75 mph in 4th. If I press it to floor suddenly from there, it will kick down. OR - if I come to a hill and truck starts to slow - it will kick down. I believe all is well and running as supposed to- just not to my liking. I believe the computer (which controls ONLY the transmission) looks at voltage from TPS to guess my intentions (to go fast) and compares to speed sensor. I want to reduce voltage to computer if possible (I think).

Yes, it could possibly be reprogramed to accept a higher voltage, but I wouldn't know how to do that. Maybe vehicle was never designed to cruise over 75?

My high profile vehicle is VERY sensitive to air turbulence. I can go 85 in heavy traffic, but barely 73 sometimes on flat calm days.
1995 Grumman P30 6.5L

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