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ABS and Brakelight

2001 K2500. ABS and Brake light are on before I start moving. Sensors at the front wheels check ok with multi meter ohm and voltage test. No diagnostic codes that I can find with parts store OBDII scanner. Brakes work fine, just no anti-locks. Fuses check fine. Checking connections at the unit under the drivers seat. Don't know the abbreviation for it. At the front there is a two wire connection, easy to remove. at the rear, there is a connector with a little red tab. Before I tear it up, how do you disconnect that connector? Somewhere on here I know i have read what multimeter readings I should get at this unit, can someone point me to that thread? Thank you

2001 Silverado K2500 HD 4x4 ext cab, Short bed 6.6 D'Max 2" lift Rock stock Full synthetics.
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