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well it needs to go to the dealer wed

both redactant tank heater codes

the 4mph limit on dash is a ''tamper-code/fault'',IT CAN BE RESET ONLY WITH A ''TECH2/MDI'' scanner,

the partial reset is
1.in redactant tree,you need to ck for pressure/leaks
2.completely fill def tank,and reset level too 100%
3.go into ''glow plug module'' ,and turn on all 3 heaters ,1 at a time for 10 secs
4.clear any codes

my def/redactant tank and heater were replaced last year under warrenty ,,now it needs to go back in wed to see if they can do it again
I think the def fluid is so corrosive its killing the heater element and wiring

this 4mph thing is pure GOV crap,if it happened on the hwy you would be dead

im so sick of us trying to save the planet,this is just EPA/Obama crap,,
2013 2500 ltz 4x4 d/a,, fully loaded ,white crew cab

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