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13 Hours! and 28 Miles on a Brand new 2019?

When I got in my truck for the first time picking it up at the dealer for a test drive / shake down run I noticed on the DIC that it had 13 HOURS and 28 miles on the truck. When I asked my salesman he said that was average for all delivered Duramax trucks, Really?

Why do they leave it idle so long, supposedly that's not good on the new Clean Diesel motors? Ironically at 50 miles on my truck (just after I got it home) it kicked into a REGEN cycle. Obviously due to the idle time before delivery.

Now after 6 months and 4500 miles it's driven only on trips no shorter than 30 miles at about 60mph and it's Never had another regen cycle.

Anyone know WHY they let these new trucks idle for so long before delivery??


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