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No Start, No crank, No comm.

Hello all, kind of in a bit of a $#!T position and looking for advice, but I recently bought a BullyDog and tried to do the install. I unplugged all fuses and all aftermarket things as they told me in the instructions, and also made sure to load the program and update BullyDog. After all that I started the load process in the truck and it got most of the way through until it got to the writing tune to engine, then it would stop and throw code 358, which is basically interference on the data link or no communication. I tried a couple more times and still no luck. I unplugged the tuner and put all my fuses back in and the truck started back up fine, no issues. So, I drove the truck to the place that sold me the tuner, and asked for some help and we tried again to load the tuner, still no luck. So we tried to re-flash the PCM to stock in case there was already some different tune in there. When we tried to flash it, it said there was a couple updates, but when we tried to flash it, it wouldn't take the flash.. Being out of time, we took the scanner off and decided to deal with it another day, except now the truck wouldn't start.. I have no glow plug light, and the only gauge that works is the battery gauge. The shop did a bit of diagnosing as the truck was dead there and they said the PCM is fried and isn't talking anymore.. I guess my question is, are there any other tests or things I can check before spending 500+ on a new PCM when it may not be the issue?

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