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Thanks Camilleri. Toyo has been one I’ve been really considering. I live in central Alabama so snow is non existent. A lot of guys I know run the BFG KO2’s but not enough time has past to see how they hold up and they are pricey. I’ve ran Generals on 1/2 ton trucks and they’ve lasted longer than a their warranty. The last set I had lasted 70k miles and still had 30% tread. The duramax I have had Michelin’s on it when I bought it and they lasted a while. The previous owner rarely drove it and the belts had seperated internally on the front tires so alignment was non existent until I rotated them to the back and left them there. I’ve always heard Nittos where very soft and wore out fast but their terra grapplers have lasted on 1/2 ton trucks, glad to know they don’t last on 3/4 ton trucks..I’ve got a buddy that owns a tire shop so I’m probably going to get him to order me the tires at cost. Saves a dollar.
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