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Originally Posted by Potent68 View Post

We do have the UY2 option, but I'm not sure what wires you're referring to as "blunt cut". It sounds like it's either that (the mechanic said he checked all the wiring) or I am the unlucky recipient of a bad module.
The UY2 blunt cut wires are intended to you to electrify your slide-in truck camper with lights, brake lights, electricity from the truck, etc. The plug for this group of wires is located at the back of the truck frame where the truck's connection to the 7-way harness is located. They run to near the front of the bed on the drivers side. The wires are literally blunt cut, like hacked off - with no pins, eyelets, etc. On my truck, I put some dielectric grease on the cut ends, wrapped about the last 6" in a couple of layers of plastic, and then taped firmly to prevent moisture from entering. Not sure that this helped, but I don't have the error message any more - and that was 7 years ago.

It would be good to look at a wiring diagram for your truck and see how you ITBC system operates. You can get them here: BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products | TSB's & Wiring Diagrams Make sure you select wiring diagrams or you will go to TSB's.

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